Powerful WordPress Cache Plugins – 5 Best Plugins Compared

WordPress Cache Plugins

If a WordPress site is slow and takes over 3 seconds to load, then it requires a WordPress Cache Plugin. These cache plugins reduce the loading time of the website with the cache memory. It improves site performances. There are a countless number of cache plugins available to speed up your website performance. To help you out here, we have compared 5 best WordPress cache plugins.

Need for WordPress Cache Plugin

The cache is a temporary memory easy for quick access. When a user loads the website for the first time, the WordPress site will develop a cache. Cache plugin uses this memory so, the next time the website loads quicker. It serves the lighter HTML instead, so it takes lesser time to load.

Caching is necessary because:

  • Faster websites
  • Better performance
  • User engagement
  • SEO advantages

And so, cache plugins are necessary for faster loading of websites. When a WordPress site does not have cache plugins:

  • It has its impact on website loading
  • Reduced conversion rates
  • Poor SEO ranking

We have compared five best cache plugins to be used in your WordPress site. For the purpose of comparison, we have taken the loading times in the GT Metric page and the Pingdom page. We also have shared the percentage improvement in website loading time.

W3 Total Cache WordPress Cache Plugins

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This cache plugin is the most famous and has numerous benefits. W3 Total Cache may be difficult for beginners since it has a lot of features that must be properly set up.  This plugin decreases the loading time by 1 second and improves the loading speed by 29%. It is the only host agnostic Web Performance Optimization (WPO) framework for WordPress sites and its benefits include:

  • improves site performance by 10x
  • browser caching
  • quick page interaction and rendering
  • compatible with VPN, shared hosting and dedicated servers
  • AMP support
  • SSL support and more

WP Super Cache WordPress Cache Plugins

Image result for WP Super Cache logo

This cache plugin is equally popular as the one said earlier. It has similar performances, and it improves the loading speed by 28% and decreases the loading time by 1 second. Some of its features are:

  • It generates static HTML files for all kinds of users (users who interact and those who did not interact)
  • Simple caching
  • Compress pages
  • CDN support.
  • Preloading
  • garbage collection
  • Rest API
  • Custom caching

WP Rocket WordPress Cache Plugins

This cache plugin is a very famous paid cache plugin for WordPress sites. It has easy configuration ways and loads the website with loading speed as 35% improved and reduces the loading time closely by 1.3 seconds. Some of its benefits are:

  • Heps developers in extending features with hooks
  • It has lazy loading options for images
  • SEO optimized website pages
  • HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files are reduced in size for easy page loading.

WP Fastest Cache WordPress Cache Plugins

Related image

This is the most popular plugin, and it has improved its features on a wide scale. The modification of  .htacces file is done automatically. It had optimized performance and the benefits include:

  • SEO optimized website pages
  • HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files are reduced in size for easy page loading.
  • Disable Emoji
  • It generates static HTML files
  • Cache Timeout
  • Admin can modify and delete cache any time

Hyper Cache WordPress Cache Plugins

It is completely built on PHP and works on all blogs. It requires no configuration and easy to set up. This cache plugin is dedicatedly developed for speed boosting. Handy cache plugin for all kinds of hosting and responsive themes. Some of its features include:

  • bbPress specific integration
  • CDN support.
  • Cache cleaning
  • Mobile friendly
  • HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files are reduced in size for easy page loading.

For the purpose of easy understanding, we helped you in tabulating the performances we found.


Any site is unique and beautiful on it own and so choose a plugin that goes well with your business needs and site preferences. 50% of users will leave the site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. WordPress cache plugins will help you boost the WordPress site loading speed by reducing the loading time.

Ms. Divya Priyadharshini Mohan is a research scholar in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with a specialization in Electric Drives and Embedded Control. She is a researcher with interests in the Internet of Things and Hybrid Renewable systems. Her past research publications are in the areas of Internet of Things, AC-DC-AC converters, DC-DC boost converter for low-cost wind turbines and guided undergraduate project students in the areas of location notification using GPS, RFID tracked traffic signals, steam less paper manufacturing. She also has worked in signals and systems. Her current research interests include standalone hybrid renewable systems’ security and control. She is a passionate reader and has authored a few short stories, essays, and a novel. Her leisure times are filled with books, music, and blogs. She has been blogging for 7 years and freelance as a technical writer cum blogger many businesses in the fields of services, manufacturing, and education.

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