5 Best WordPress Migration Plugin For Migrating WordPress Sites

5 Best WordPress Migration Plugin For Migrating WordPress Sites

Are you looking for a WordPress migration plugin to move your WordPress site? And if you are one of those developers who is struggling to choose a good migration plugin. We have got you! Here I will give you a crisp idea of 5 best WordPress migration plugin which I have come across.

Need for WordPress Migration Plugin For Migrating WordPress Sites

Migrating WordPress site is leaving your office to a bigger work space. You pack the existing things and bring to your new office and set up a more sophisticated one there. 

So why would you migrate your WordPress site?

The following are the reasons for migrating a WordPress site:

  • You are an amateur and you developed the site in your server and want to move it to a client’s server
  • You are planning to extend your site as your traffic improves
  • You are launching the Word Press site and moving it to a server
  • To avoid errors in manual copying
  • To choose some other web hosting

Whatever may be the reason you are migrating our WordPress site but lookout for the following points before choosing a WordPress migration plugin:

  • Check your backup – taking a backup before migrating is a must
  • Keep the existing WordPress site live even after migrating.
  • Update your DNS after the migration is complete

You are all set to choose a WordPress migration now.

Duplicator WordPress Migration Plugin

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Duplicator migration plugin enables you to move or migrate your WordPress site in no time. It takes pulling down a site and hosting a live site on another host easy. It helps back up the site and reusing it another time. It is the most famous WordPress migration plugin in use.

With duplicator you can:

  1. It converts all the files, themes and plugins into a simple package and migrates the WordPress site. It also runs the backed up WordPress site
  2. It has pre-configured sites to lessen your burden

All of these comes with the free version of the plugin. With the paid version:

  1. Scheduled backups
  2. Notification through Email
  3. Cloud Storage
  4. Multi-site website handling is made easy
  5. Support for the plugin

All-in-One WordPress Migration Plugin

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The main advantage of using the All-in-One WordPress migration plugin is because it has no limitation on the OS, host. Even a layperson without any knowledge can access the plugin to migrate the site. An unlimited number of search, find and replace in your migrated database.

With this migration plugin:

    1. No size restriction while migration
    2. No dependencies on any parameter
    3. MYSQL and MYSQLI support
    4. Compatible with WordPress site version 3 and above
    5. WP-CLI integration
    6. Unlimited support
    7. Cloud storage
    8. Multi-site extension

WP Staging – DB & File Duplicator & Migration Plugin

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This is a staging and development plugin that is used to clone your website. It is very simple to use and prevents the website from being broken. WP staging has the features:

  1. Simple and easy to use
  2. The migration process is quick
  3. It is safer to use
  4. Admin bar reflect the staging status 
  5. Compatible with WordFence and Firewall

With Pro Edition we consider it advantageous over Duplicator since it involves less human intervention.

Migrate Guru: Migrate & Clone WordPress Site

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This plugin helps in migrating the WordPress site with lesser efforts. There is no risk involved with this plugin. This has a few drawbacks such as, we cannot use it to host multi-site websites and it does not support local host migrations. With this WordPress migration plugin:

  1. 80% faster migration is possible
  2. No website overloading
  3. Built for convenience for large sites
  4. No special add-ons required
  5. No storage space required
  6. Compatible with all OS and host
  7. Fully automatic
  8. Timely alerts

WordPress Migration & Duplicator

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This migration plugin is used for migrating media files, plugins and themes. With is you can access unlimited times of number of find and replace operations in the database. Features are:

  1. Compatible with WordPress 5.2
  2. Supports both MySQL and MySQLi
  3. Good support
  4. Does not require any PHP extensions
  5. WordPress migration plugin which is in used by many

Thus you can select a suitable WordPress migration plugin for migrating your WordPress site. Though conventional manual migration is possible plugins will make the process simple and easy.

Ms. Divya Priyadharshini Mohan is a research scholar in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with a specialization in Electric Drives and Embedded Control. She is a researcher with interests in the Internet of Things and Hybrid Renewable systems. Her past research publications are in the areas of Internet of Things, AC-DC-AC converters, DC-DC boost converter for low-cost wind turbines and guided undergraduate project students in the areas of location notification using GPS, RFID tracked traffic signals, steam less paper manufacturing. She also has worked in signals and systems. Her current research interests include standalone hybrid renewable systems’ security and control. She is a passionate reader and has authored a few short stories, essays, and a novel. Her leisure times are filled with books, music, and blogs. She has been blogging for 7 years and freelance as a technical writer cum blogger many businesses in the fields of services, manufacturing, and education.

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