Automated Affiliate Stores

The word “Affiliate” &” Commissions” always attracts the users and they want to join and earn as the affiliate marketing is the most heard word online when users try to earn some money online. Though it sounds fancy, its not easy to earn. It takes a lot of time to understand the whole process and to get started. Though we dont guarantee or say that our Affiliate stores are going to change that, we can assure you that our stores  provides a platform and helps you to get started. Everything is done for you, we create a website, we add products, we link them to your affiliate ID and we will ensure all the products you promote are up to date and you just need to concentrate on promotion and that too its optional. Our Affiliate stores are not like the usual stores you find online. Every store we build is built from scratch and the client is always in our mind while developing it. We know what we are doing!

Take Your Commissions to the next level

Our Affiliate stores saves you a lot of time, You dont need to search for the products you want to promote, you dont need to update it on the site manually and you dont need to link the URLS with your affiliate ID. Forget all of this lengthy process and just focus on Promoting it. In our 3 Years Experience in building affiliate stores, We noticed clients earned 4 times more then what they were actually earning with our stores.

Amazon Affiliate Stores

Amazon Stores are our best Selling stores, The reviews and repeated orders from our clients proves that. Amazon is the most trusted brand online and we know that they go above and beyond to satisfy their customers and thats the reason its the most popular market on the internet. Why not take it as a credit and promote the products from amazon and in return earn commission. Visitors wants to shop from amazon and we too  encourage them to buy from amazon. Its a win-win for both! Visit our shop tab to know more details of Amazon affiliate stores.


Aliexpress Affiliate Stores

Its our second Most popular affiliate store after Amazon. Aliexpress is growing rapidly and people are showing interest on it right now then ever. Its the right time to catch the affiliate market orelse it becomes too much competition later. Aliexpress gives around 90% Commission for some products and as it is trying to build the trust of users, its easy for affiliate’s to promote with the affordable prices it offers for products.


Ebay Affiliate Stores

We are just getting started to build Ebay Affiliate Stores after way too many of our users are asking us to start Ebay Stores, We have heard them and we feel its the right time to launch Ebay Affiliate Stores, Now these affiliate sites also get E-commerce kind of look for professional touch and for ranking.



Before beginning a affiliate site, it is important to understand the process involved in an effective store. We guide our clients regarding the niche selection and the things to do after we deliver the finished store helping them to get sales quick then expected.


The key to Affiliate marketing is the product the user is promoting, We do a research on it and will find perfect niche which can earn huge sales to the customer.


After the niche is ready, its time to build the store where we add related products and design the website according to niche.


Now half of the job is complete, its the main part where we optimize the products with our own methods. Speed and SEO optimization is also done here.


The last part is to test, analyze and complete the store by automating the product updating and syncing.

Growth in Commissions

Saves Time

Increase in Earnings

Happy Affiliate Users

Why Our Affiliate Store Websites?

Doesnt Look Like Affiliate Stores

The stores we build are exactly like E-commerce stores and its really hard to identify the website as Affiliate Store

Search Engine Friendly

96% of Internet users begin their Web search through a major search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL), So we know how important it is and we build to rank.

Sell Your Own Products

As the stores are e-commerce sites, we have provided ability to sell your own products by accepting payments along with promoting affiliate products.

Responsive Stores

When you think of affiliate stores they were not treated as actual websites but we treat them as actual websites and will do all a websites needs including Mobile Friendly site.

Additional Earnings

Apart from just earning via Sales, you can earn additional income by placing ads. You have all the opportunities of a normal website earnings and not just the commission.

Speed Optimization

Ranking is considered with the SEO and speed of the site, Without Speed optimization the Complete SEO is not done and is incomplete. Speed plays a important role in ranking we optimize all the site we build.

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We focus strongly on function and usability and train you to manage your website as a business asset. We go to great lengths to assure your content is delivered in such a way that visitors can easily and intuitively find the information they seek, resulting in a pleasant and productive user experience.